Legends of Rock and Roll

Legends of Rock & Roll ViewPoint Gallery


"Rock legends in new light ..."
   by Renee Stevens
   Halifax Herald March 11, 2003

"Rock 'n' roll lens"
   by Marilyn Smulders
   Halifax Daily News March 9, 2003

"Shooting stars"
   by Stacey Colwell
   Bridgewater Bulletin March 5, 2003
   Reprinted with permission.



"Crowd wowed by rock & roll photos"
   by Greg Bennett
   Liverpool Advance September 3, 2003
   Reprinted with permission.

"England's 1969 Rock World Comes Alive At Photo Show"
   by Ron Foley Macdonald
   Atlantic Zone March 26, 2003



CBC TV 'Canada Now' Interview
   September 9, 2003
   Quick Time Format - 6.6MB

Global TV Interview
   March 7, 2003
   Quick Time Format - 3MB

CBC Radio One Interview
   March 6, 2003
   MP3 Format - 5MB

CKBW Interview
   March 16, 2003
   MP3 Format - 7MB