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CHPF Newsletter

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CHPF is proud to receive a collection of approximately 25,000 images from rock and roll and fine art photographer Eric Hayes. Eric was a founding member of the Foundation in 2001. Today, Eric is working on digitizing his expansive collection. His donation to CHPF includes his magazine work from the 1980’s and 90’s.

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Eric Hayes

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As a youth, Canadian photographer captured historical images of folk and rock legends.

   by Mike Sadava
   Penguin Eggs Winter/Spring 2020-21
   Reprinted with permission

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Eric Hayes – A Photographer’s Journey through Time 1963-69

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Eric Hayes has been a photographer—or more accurately a photojournalist—most of his life.

   by Mike Stax
   Ugly Things #55 Winter 2020
   Reprinted with permission
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Reelin' in the Years salute to Eric Hayes

Reelin' in the Years Photo Archive salutes the work of Eric Hayes

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The RITY Photo Archive focuses exclusively on images of music artists, including over 200,000 photos from the 1930s to today, captured by legendary photographers from across the globe.

Legends of Rock Desbrisay Museum

Legends of Rock and Roll

Long distraught over the loss of most of my black & white negatives from 1968-69, I decided to celebrate the photographs I had managed to save with an exhibition at Halifax, Nova Scotia's ViewPoint Gallery in March 2003. It was huge success, perhaps the best attended show ViewPoint has ever had, and it was followed by an invitation to bring the exhibition to two other Nova Scotia galleries: the Sherman Hines Museum of Photography in Liverpool and the Desbrisay Museum in Bridgewater.

Going Natural Magazine

In Their Own Skin

In March 2004, ViewPoint Gallery was the venue for my 2nd exhibition of photography, In Their Own Skin. With large black & white canvas prints of naked vacationers on a sailing trip in the Caribbean, I was able to introduce viewers to the world of nude recreation. In October 2002, during a 2-week nude cruise aboard the 197-foot Windjammer tall ship, S/V Yankee Clipper, some 17 couples and 4 women – about a third of the passengers –had allowed me to take their portraits while we sailed from Grenada to St. Vincent. I was nude, too. Daily visits to small islands with idyllic, deserted beaches provided the perfect backdrop for this return to the Garden of Eden. These photographs show people whose bodies are far from the glossy magazine ideal, yet they have embraced body acceptance. As we look at them looking at us, we feel their love of life and recognize our common humanity.

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